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- These hardened steel nozzles have been specially treated to be extremely wear-resistant, long-lasting and very durable. They are great at fighting against abrasive filaments and not getting worn down.
- Made of sharp hardened tool steel, these all-metal hardened steel nozzles are able to support filaments extrusion of 550 °C (1022 °F).
- Suitable for printing PLA, PETG, ABS, HIPS, TPE, TPU, NylonX, Carbon Fiber, Exotic filament such as wood-filled, wax-filled or ceramic-filled, glow-in-dark filament. They can even print on metal filament such as steel-filled, iron-filled, or brass-filled filament. Despite our nozzles that can handle these filaments, it doesn’t mean your printer can print those as well. Please refer to your 3d printer manual first.
- Compatible with almost all FDM 3d printers which could install to MK8 heating blocks such as Creality 3D Ender-3 series, Ender-5 series, CR-10 series, CR-6 SE/Max, Ender-6, MakeBot, Prusa 3d printer… Fit exactly like the original.

Why do you need to use our hardened steel nozzles?
Our hardened steel nozzles are one of the other popular nozzle materials that you will see people using. Their main benefit over the brass nozzles are they have better wear-resistance, long-lasting, and very durable. Some people have been printing exclusively with hardened steel nozzles and it easily lasts them over a year. They also have the ability to prevent the filament from covering the nozzle, so these nozzles will stay cleaner than most other nozzles.
On the other hand, a brass nozzle is usually fine when printing non-abrasive filament such as PLA without certain additives. When you have additives like wood, glass, carbon fiber, or metal particles it will increase its abrasiveness and be more likely to damage a brass nozzle.
The damage that tends to happen is grooves and ridges on the inner part of the nozzle, closing off the nozzle hole, or increasing the diameter of the hole making it unusable.
If you don’t like the hassle of constantly changing nozzles after printing with abrasive filaments, it’s definitely a smart move to change to Hardened Steel.

Why do you need to buy from us?
With over 5 years of experience in the 3D printing industry, we can proudly say no other seller understands 3d products and their customer's needs like us!
Family-owned and located in California, USA, we are rapidly expanding and providing authentic genuine top quality 3d printer replacement parts & accessories.
Being a direct supplier gives us the opportunity to carefully select and inspect each product from the best manufacturers to make sure that every customer we do business with gets the finest products on the market.
Our mission is to help our valued customers have the best experience when shopping with us. We love hearing from our customers and each inquiry is answered within 12 hours from our expert staff.
The 0.4 mm Hardened Steel 3D Printer nozzles for Creality 3D Ender-3 Series, Ender-5 Series, CR-10 Series, CR-6 SE/Max, Ender-6, MakeBot, Prusa destined to impress, and priced at only $15.99, for a limited time.

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SKU: 5pcs-Steel-Nozzle04
0.4 mm Hardened Steel 3D Printer nozzles for Creality 3D Ender-3 Series, Ender-5 Series, CR-10 Series, CR-6 SE/Max, Ender-6, MakeBot, Prusa
$15.99 $19.75

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